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A medical center is a multidisciplinary team providing primary care in general medicine, physiotherapy and nursing. It is aimed at the entire population of a neighborhood. Its action is aimed at a global approach to health, considered in its physical, psychological and social dimensions.

It is part of a health promotion approach, integrating care and prevention. The medical center is based on a dynamic of community participation: it capitalizes on the resources of local residents and the neighborhood.

It works in partnership with the local network. The Maison Médicale is founded on the values of social justice, based on the principles of equity, solidarity, citizenship and respect for others and their autonomy.

Professionals at the service of your health

The professions represented in the medical center work in a complementary fashion to maintain, improve or restore patient health and social well-being.

Regular meetings are organized to exchange and coordinate information between team members, and the transmission of information is promoted within the team in complete confidentiality.

All team members also take part in health promotion initiatives.

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